What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient hands-on Japanese healing practice which reduces stress and relaxes the body allowing "life force" energy to enter the individual to enhance the quality of life.

Reiki was rediscovered in Japan in the very early 1900's.

Benefits of Reiki.

Relieves Stress - Promotes Relaxation - Increases Energy - Reduces Pain
Accelerates the healing process - Assists in the labor and delivery process.

"Ann Marie Devizia knows what many other therapists have forgotten. She remembers that there are many facets to healing, including the spiritual component. I know that she is both goal directed and patient directed...both practical and understanding. I would trust her in treating my best friends or close family members."

--Michal Wolfkeil

"Through her Reiki treatment and instruction, I have learned how to relax, to be aware of and use God's healing power within me, to learn from life's experience (good and bad) and to continue the journey on my lifes purpose."

--Lee Hallock